Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Incredible Weather!

Lately, the weather here in the Midwest has been a storm chasers dream! First it's cold, then it's warm. Then another cold front moves in and *BAM*! It's clash of of the titans weather-wise! We still haven't had the sirens go off here in Wichita, but I'm sure it's just a short matter of time before we're hanging out in the basement.

It was so nice out today! Low 70's, not quite as windy as it has been for the last several days. Our cherry blossom tree finally bloomed out, but the wind has nearly blown all the blossoms off. It's my favourite of all the trees in our yard. I could so do without the darned Bradford Pears. They tend to set of Henry's allergies really bad and it seems that they now make my eyes watery, too. I'd love to replace the two that we have with pretty redbuds or maybe even another cherry blossom. I'd love to be in DC right now while the Cherry Blossom Festival is going on. I caught the tail end of it last year when I went to ABW with girl jen and the blossoms that were remaining were just gorgeous!

I think I'm about to become a "contest widow" for the next few months while Henry works on details for Leathercamp 2006. He had so much fun helping in planning last years Leathercamp. This year WOOLF has been asked to host the Midwest Intl Leather Sir/Leather boy contest. It's really quite an honour to be asked to host this event and it should boost the attendance of Leathercamp from the 100 that we had last year to nearly 300. And it would get WOOLF more national recognition. That's just what we've been working towards for the last year and a half. We're really trying to build WOOLF's reputation as not only a Leather organization but as an educational organization, too. Jay Wiseman is set to come back and teach classes again this year. If you've never heard of him, all of his books are put out by Greenery Press...and if you are easily offended by anything remotely of a sexual nature, then don't go looking for his stuff. He's a fascinating man. He's been an EMT and last year, he passed the California State Bar Exam so he could become a kink-friendly attorney for those who find themselves in need of such a service. He really does great workshops and is just a really neat guy to hang out with and talk to.

I've been in a bit of a stitching rut. (how's that for changing the subject?) I think it's partly because my thyroid meds have been all screwed up but that should be taken care of tomorrow. I just haven't felt like I have the manual dexterity or the mental clarity to sit and seriously stitch. I'm so close to finishing Christmas Elf Fairy. I need to add the Wisper, kreinik and beads, do a little back stitching and she's done! I may even pick Enchanted Mermaid back up and try to get her finished. Not sure about that one, though. She may just be my back-up piece for a while.

I still cannot find that piece of Sugared Marshmallows fabric that I bought to stitch "Dawn" on. Really aggrivates me, as I can find every piece of fabric BUT that one. I still need to get the petite treasure braids for those. I'll probably just call PTP and order them from Sherry and Marilyn. Pretty sure that their prices are a little lower than Heart's Desire's prices and they usually only charge a buck or two for shipping. Besides, I like calling them for things. Marilyn is always so chatty and happy!

Still nothing on the job hunt. I sent my resume to Dean & DeLuca and to Verizon for positions that I found posted on Hopefully, something will come from one of those. I always have T-Mobile and Cox to fall back on. I interviewed with InfonXX last week and it really seems like the job from the bowels of hell itself. I would be a screaming idiot at the end of the day after taking 700 calls and for what? A lousy $8 an hour and benefits that take 3 months to kick in. Verizon, T-Mobile and Cox all have better pay rates and much better benefits (either dirt cheap cell service or cable/internet and bennies that start immediately). Now that I can handle. It will be nice to have full coverage health insurance for the whole family again and a steady paycheck in my bank account.

Oh yeah, the random cuteness at the beginning of this rambling is my adorable little girl, Rhiannon, and our furkid, Spike. We took this one on Fat Tuesday after having dinner at Da Cajun Shak. Rhiannon thought that Spike needed to be a little festive so she decked him out in all of our beads and her mask. Enjoy!