Tuesday, January 31, 2006

So technically, it's already February 1st and I'm still not finished gridding that fat quarter of Midas Touch. Granted, I'm about 1/3 done with the vertical gridding and done with the horizontal lines. I guess it's a good thing that I have insomnia.

I can stitch about 6-8 rows before I have to get up and move around before my back starts aching mercilessly. Here's hoping that I can stay up for a few hours and get it done. I really want to put the first real stitched into this piece sometime on the 1st.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Another Sleepless Night

I so did not mean to take ten days to post again. Rhiannon and I were both sick, but that shouldn't be an excuse.

So here it is, January 27th. I have a stitch along that starts February 1st and I'm not ready for it. I've got all my floss and blending filament. I've got a new pack of smaller needles. I've got gorgeous fabric from Silkweaver...however said fabric isn't gridded yet. To be honest, it took me forever to figure out a simple method of gridding. I felt like the world's biggest dork when step by step instructions on the HAED BB read like Greek to me. I'm not a stupid female, but I definitely was feeling a tad bit intimidated by gridding. Then in rides Fudgey (HAED's resident saviour) with her simple gridding method. Simply stitch your lines over 2 threads and under 2 threads. So I'm gridding 10x10 squares now. I've finally found stitching that I can do while watching tv that doesn't end up all boogered up and funky. I may have to do La Bella Luna like that. Now I'm feeling my oats and thinking that I'm going to try Becca's thread parking method. Since she does it row by row, that just might be the easiest way to do it for me. No big fuss. I'll just have to make sure that I am only doing one row at a time.

Have I mentioned yet that I hate this damnable Apple keyboard? The space bar sticks and doesn't always move the cursor. Makes for a lot of typos that quite simply drive me NUTS! Half the time, I want to correct my own writing in red and send it back to myself! Speaking of correcting things in red and sending them back to the author, Henry and I were attempting to read the first issue of WOOLF Watch that Richard published since becoming WOOLF's new publicist and we were both just gobsmacked at how pathetic the writing had become. It's obvious that the new publicist has his girl, Jean, writing for him. She writes just as she speaks, disjointed and downright whacked out. I gave up after the first page. Henry kept torturing himself and finished the whole thing. I know he's still upset about losing the election to Richard. I'm out of ways to try and comfort him. I guess there's always Leather Camp in August to keep him occupied.

On to something stitching related. HAED is having another 25% off sale and there are some Sara Butcher charts that I would love to buy. I really should be good and not buy any more, but these are just screaming to me. One is a quick stitch and the other two would be marvelous companion pieces. I've really found myself drawn to Ms Butcher's work. It's so unlike most fantasy art that I like.

Superbowl Sunday, Picture This Plus is opening up at noon for those of us who could give a rip about football. I still have my gift certificate that Vanessa gave me last October. That will get me a fat quarter and a skein of Dinky Dyes silk...maybe a little more since everything will be 25% off.

It's late and I really should be thinking about sleep. Maybe I'll watch Third Watch and then try to sleep.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

It's About Time

I've thought about starting a blog for months now. I figured why not give everyone access to my ramblings and oddball musings. Postings may not be frequent or regular, but they will be here eventually.

After battling a monster headache, I'm finally feeling semi-human today. I'm halfway listening to/watching "Love Monkey". I'm on the fence about it so far. It's kind of like a wishy-washy male version of "Sex In The City". I would rather have watched "Threshold" or "Reunion" but the networks suck and cancelled them before we could find out how many people were infected by the signal or just who the hell killed Samantha and why Craig was in a wheelchair. I'm hoping against hope that they won't cancel "Bones". I've finally gotten into it and really look forward to it. I hate it when it's pre-empted for some ignorant sporting event.

I really should be stitching. I've got the majority of Enchanted Mermaid done and I have a good bit of Christmas Elf Fairy done, as well. I just got all the goodies to start a new over one project called May I Have This Dance. This one is a Stitch Along project that the HAED Brat Pack is starting. We start torturing ourselves February 1. I've got my fabric chosen, Midas Touch by Silkweaver. The chart is printed out and the floss is purchased. Now I need to try and get this piece gridded. Did I mention that I've never gridded a piece of cross stitch fabric before? Yep, I'm a gridding virgin. I need to somehow figure out how to grid in the next couple of days so I can get it started. Hmmm...I may even need to go buy a new pair of scrollrods for this one. I think it might be easier for me to just order them straight from Artisan Design than to try and chase them down here in town. I know that the Hobby Lobby across the street from me doesn't have any in stock. I guess I could call the one across town and see if they've got any.

Wow...I've babbled on quite a bit. Perhaps I should stop now and see how things go tommorow.