Friday, February 15, 2008

I have the World's Coolest Mom!

I have the most awesome mother on the face of the planet! She knows that right now my therapy is my knitting. She used some of her TradeBank bucks and spent $180 on classes, yarn and books for me and Rhiannon. Then Monday, she stops by the house and brings us each a Valentine. Inside Rhiannon's was a gift certificate for Twist for $50 and in mine was a certificate for $100! Needless to say, my momma ROCKS!

I now have the yarn for Wicked, Oblique and Bijoux Blouse for myself. I decided that I was going to change the yarn for Mom's Rusted Root. The cotton was just too splitty and was driving me crazy! So, it's now in the "maybe I'll use it someday" pile. Mom also picked up some yummy alpaca sock yarn for me to make her a pair of socks and she got me some Tofootsies yarn to make a pair for myself in the Learn to Knit Two at Once class. Jill, who's going to be teaching the class, told me that if for some reason I ended up back in the hospital that she would bring the class to me. Mom did buy me the book that inspired the class. I love the way the book is made. It's a hardback that is spiral bound...but the binding is covered.

My poor little knitted beaded bag. Somehow I managed to drop a stitch a row and a half before where my stopping place was! Could I pick up the danged dropped stitch? Not to save my rear end. I'm hoping that Tina can help me fix it. I don't mind frogging a few rows. I mean, it's just knitting and I'm good with that. I suck at frogging most knitting, though. I can unknit and unpurl but there are somethings that I just can't figure out how to cables and beadwork. I really should email Tina and see what she says. I wasn't the only person this happened to. Connie told me that it happened to Mimi, too. Right about the exact same spot. I think Connie kind of got it fixed, but she was having a hard time getting the stitches picked back up. I should really try and get one of those teeny tiny crochet hooks. Maybe a visit to Hobby Lobby is in my near future. *grins*

For tonight, it's me and the dog and the tv. Okay, it's me and the dog and the tv AFTER Vanessa and I go have a girls night out early dinner. Then it's going to be me, the dog, the tv and probably my Charade sock. Now that's the life. *winks*

Friday, February 08, 2008

Arrrrgghhh!!! help???

No, it's not Talk Like A Pirate Day, it's Tammy's frustrated with her knitting day. Last night, I finally got to take the Entrelac class at Twist. Things were going along great guns until class was over. I thought I knew where I was at on my scarf and that I could just pick it right up once I got home and keep on knitting. Apparently, I have become knitting challenged.

Laura, the really nice instructor from last night, said that I was my own worst enemy and that I needed to stop talking myself out of doing the right thing on this project. I guess it's because the knitting just looks all wonky and jacked up. So I'm on Row 3. I had the first to "rows" done on that one when class ended. We went to dinner and had some fantastic Chinese food to celebrate the beginning of the Year of the Rat and then came home. Some time between one and the other, everything I learned must have just leaked right outta my head. I sat down and picked up where I left off. Once I finished the last of the 8 repeats, I thought I had picked up stitches in the right place. But for some reason, it looks so wrong. I undid most of what I did and now, I couldn't even tell you what all I've got done! I think I'm going to have to head up to Twist this afternoon and beg for help. I feel like such an idiot.

And that's not all. My beautiful fair isle tam is no more a tam than I am the Queen of Sheba. It turned out to be a Rhiannon-sized beanie. I don't think I could get it to stretch over a dinner plate. I suppose I'll pick up one more skein of silk garden in #226 and maybe try a different base colour yarn instead of a Kureyon. I may even go up a needle size or two. Maybe that would make a difference. I would love to have a tam, scarf and matching mittens. They don't have to be all the same pattern (i.e. fair isle or entrelac) as long as they are all done in the same colourway. There's a great cabled mitten pattern in the newest One-Skein Wonder book.

I haven't had much luck in trying to knit a hat for myself. Every single one that I've tried for me has turned out to be itty bitty. Maybe I should just knit a Rasta hat for myself and call it good, but I really wanted something different. sigh...

And don't even get me started on the fiasco that my Lucy Bag has become. Between all of the binding off and putting stitches on a million different stitch holders, I am so confused! The pattern just isn't making sense to me. I know it has to be me, as there are so many on Ravelry who have finished their Lucy Bags and they look great. I got all 100 rounds knit up and them started the strap set up. I did the K19, BO 22. I K16 and put the 17 stitches on stitch holder A. The I did the next BO of 4, K16 and placed those 17 stitches on stitch holder B. Onto the next BO of 22, K16 and then those 17 went onto stitch holder C. I BO the next 4 but I am 7 stitches away from the BOR marker that it says to remove then K 16. According to the pattern, there should be 17 stitches left on the needle at this point. I have 27 stitches left at this point. I have ended up having nearly 30 stitches too many. How in the H did this happen? I stopped increasing when I hit 120, I even used stitch markers to make sure that I was on track.

Please tell me that I am not losing my knitting mojo. This is what happened a year and a half ago when I lost my cross stitching mojo. It just disappeared and everything I touched turned to crap on linen. I need some major help!