Monday, August 27, 2007

How Funny Is This?

I just found out that my birthday, July 25, is Threading The Needle Day. Now just how appropriate is that with all of my hobbies? *grins*

Somebody needs to take away my clicky finger. I have become entirely too friendly lately with Knitpicks and Jimmy Beans Wool. I better learn how to knit socks or I'm going to up to my well rounded rear-end in sock yarn! I picked up a few skeins of a discontinued colour from KnitPicks. They call it Meadow Multi, I call it Monster Mash. It's black, purple and green. Not very meadowish is you ask me, but made for a great discount on really nice yarn. I bought enough to make me and Vanessa each a pair. It's nice to have someone other than your family who appreciates the work and time that goes into making something from scratch.

I also got the first round of the books that I ordered on KnitPicks book sale. The Big Girl Knits hardback ROCKS! There are some incredible sweater coats and wrap arounds in this one. I cannot wait to take that sweater knitting class so I can get my sweater knitting feet wet.

I just realized that I have a couple more classes at Twist that I need to sign up for ASAP. Maybe Shelly will start something where you buy so many classes and you get one free. We are really looking forward to the learn to crochet class on Thursday. Then there's Final Friday Knitting...and of course, Saturday evening Prairie Home Companion. It's a darned good thing that I'm feeling better and managing to keep food down now. I'll just make me a big honkin' travel cup of iced tea or crystal light and bring a Kashi bar or two with me to nibble on to keep my blood sugar on an even keel.

Have I mentioned just how much I'm loving life right now? Good news works better than Lexapro!

Friday, August 17, 2007


The last few months have been something else! Not quite a month after my last post, I landed in the hospital for 9 weeks. No, that wasn't a typo, it was 9 weeks. Eight of the 9 weeks were spent taking IV antibiotics and recovering from surgery to remove the bone growth stimulator that Dr Mills left in my back.

So I've been home for a little over a month and I'm healing slowly but surely. I also found out that I am diabetic. Sigh. But hey, I'm learning to deal with that just like I'm learning to deal with everything else.

I've started knitting again and I'm really enjoying it. A new yarn shop opened up here in town and I just love it! Twist is the kind of shop that makes you feel so welcome. It just feels good when you walk in. In a way, it kind of reminds me of know like when Norm would walk in and everyone would turn around and say, "Norm!" You get greeted by your friends when you walk into Twist.

Tomorrow evening from 5-7, Twist has a listening "party" for Prairie Home Companion. They do it every Saturday. I missed their Thursday night SnB from 6-8. I've had the tummy ick and Henry had the car. I can't wait for Leather Camp to be over so I don't have to sit at home. I really am ready to get out of the house, even if it's just for a run to the grocery store or something. I just hate being stuck here with no vehicle.

So I'm working on a new handbag called The Lexi
It should really turn out cute. I'm having a heck of a time getting the links thing to do its thing without making everything a link.

I promise to get in here and blog more often.