Wednesday, June 25, 2008

People Amaze Me!

I had been planning a weekend out of town for a couple of months now and thought I wasn't going to be able to go because I didn't have anyone to watch Spike for me. Then someone amazed me. Nana Pam offered to have her parents watch Spike, but I didn't want him driving her father crazy. Spike is kind of needy and that would have driven Bill nuts. Then Pam Bishop, who is going to run the retreat, asked her hubby, Dennis, if he would mind watching Spike at their house while we were gone. He said no problem at all. They have a basset hound named Winnie and I think Spike will get along with her just fine. She's got the run of their sun room and I think Spike will do just fine with her there.

I have really needed this retreat. I haven't been out of town for fun in over three years. The last trip out of town that was supposed to be fun was ruined by the rat and his "pet". The last two trips out of town were definitely not fun. One was when Gran was dying and the other was to go back to help clean out her house so it could be sold. Definitely not fun.

So now I need to get my knitting stuff together to take with me. I also need to wash some undies and pj's. I think I'll wash my hair in the sink Friday morning. That will be easier than trying to do it while I'm away. I am sooooo excited about this trip! I know that it's to McPherson, but still, it might as well be to New York! It's not Wichita and it's not a trip that is an obligation, so it's allllllllll good!

People amaze me with their acts of kindness. As much as I hate to admit it, I've come to expect the worst from people in general. That's not like me at all, but when you look at the last couple of years, I think you can understand why I feel like that most of the time. The friends that I have made up at Twist have just been incredible. Last year, when I was in the hospital so much, many of them came up to the hospital to knit with me. When I don't show up to just hang out and knit, someone will call me to make sure that I'm okay and see if I need anything. I couldn't ask for a better bunch of ladies to hang out with...even if I tried to find them, I probably couldn't. Good things find you when you aren't looking for them.

Tomorrow, Mom, Vanessa and I are going to clear out the crap in the dining room and on the stairs. It's step two in clearing what's left of Henry Nelson out of my life. If I can get the living room and the dining room cleaned up, the rest of the house should be a snap. I went through part of the bedroom the other day and threw away two bags of crap. I know that I'm going to come up with much more than that from the dining room and the rest of the bedroom. I would like to have it all done before my birthday. Hopefully, we'll have it done and be ready to move on to the upstairs. Now there's some scariness that I really don't want to face. I'm not sure which is going to be worse: the upstairs or the basement. The basement was his domain and you wouldn't believe all the garbage that is down there. Anything that is mine down there can be put in storage tubs or space bags and moved to the garage.

I'm going to go and try to decide which project to take with me on the retreat. I'm thinking socks, socks and maybe more socks. *grins*

I send you all love, light and peace-

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